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How to Get a Locksmith License: UK

Whether you're new to locksmithing or new to London, one of the many milestones in a locksmith’s life is when he finally obtains his locksmith license.

The locksmith industry of the United Kingdom could best be described as being in a state of uncertainty. In most countries, locksmiths are required to be licensed just to acquire the tools and equipment needed to gain entry to or pick open virtually any lock or property. Since a person’s security is on the line, there’s no denying that regulations of some sorts are necessary. Unfortunately, however, this is not the case in the UK.
Any individual, regardless of their background, can set themselves up and advertise services as a locksmith. Due to the absence of a government-mandated licensing scheme, phony locksmiths can’t be held accountable for any trouble they may have caused beyond the broad guidelines implemented by British trading standards. With that, unskilled, untrained and poorly equipped locksmiths are gradually saturating the UK locksmiths industry.
Additionally, there are countless unestablished locksmith training schools offering three day training courses currently all over the country. To make things worse, these schools claim that in those two days, students will be able to learn everything needed to start up a company and trade as a locksmith. While there may be an ‘exception’ that proves the rule, ask yourself if you think it’s realistic. If it takes an apprentice to master just the basics of locksmithing in a year or two, can you learn everything you need to know in three days?

The influx of poorly trained locksmiths is gradually pulling the industry down, taking well-deserved work from renowned and highly skilled locksmiths, as well as ruining the reputation of the trade itself with poor craftsmanship and overpriced services. The only way to stay away from the trend is to become a member of The Institute of Certified Locksmiths and the Master Locksmiths Association. Currently, these are the only two recognized official bodies for locksmiths actively pursuing tighter regulations within the industry in the UK. If you want to know How to Get a Locksmith License, get in touch with the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA). The non-profit organization has established its own licensing scheme whereby its approved members are vetted, have undergone regular inspections to ensure quality, and have recognized exam based qualifications.
With locksmith shops spewing up like mushrooms all over London, what’s the best way to know whether the “locksmith nw1,” “locksmith nw3,” “locksmith sw6,” or “locksmith sw1” you’ve searched on the Internet are qualified? It’s simple. Go to the MLA’s website and use their free ‘Find a Locksmith’ tool to see if your desired locksmith is listed as a member.
If you wish to stand out from the competition, there’s no better way to do it than to get licensed. With consumers becoming shrewder, searching for higher quality at better prices, knowing How to Get a Locksmith License may just be well worth it. Besides, you’ll be doing the locksmith industry a big favor.

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